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I think you overestimate the problem.

Soup still nets around 3 million views despite the issues it has, issues that are bigger than a few teenagers roleplaying as nazis (the issues are mostly techinical, I got the 503 when trying to react to this post for the first time).
I believe that minorities are more than capable of using the blocking features on the site. I mean it's not like Poles are liked in these parts either, yet that doesn't seem to stop them from using the site at all (the soup group on facebook is currently at 2k users, the actual number of polish soup users is certainly higher than that). If anything, I'd be all for enhancing the current blocking features instead of trying to police the content the users post. As soon as you have a group of people who will start moderating basing on the content you will get a political leaning in one way or another and neither will be good for the site. I see no reason to participate when my profile can get banned or removed because I've said something that someone might find offensive. I like speaking what is truly on my mind and I find that tip-toeing over unsaid rules ends up in eventually breaking that unsaid rule anyway.
I think that if 4chan can get a buyer - and 4chan is a site that has been used countless of times to make damage in a real world - then the importance of a public image is not as great as you think it is.
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