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Some of you might be using my nightmode skin. If you do, you probably are using the Stylish extension too. If this is the case then please uninstall Stylish immediately, apparently since 2017 it spies on you:

A better (open source) alternative might be Stylus:
It does the same thing as Stylish minus the spyware part.

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That whole Mastodon thing might not be that great after all. My account just stopped working all of the sudden and I'm getting "account not activated" when I try to log in. I've asked one of the admins what is happening, but I have to yet receive an answer.
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This is a Visual Novel about time travel that managed to make the concept of a time travel boring. A huge chunk of the plot revolves around a character that not only brings nothing exciting to the table but also turns out to be completely irrelevant to the plot. Then you suddenly get onto a route that goes back to what made the first VN good, you get all excited, only to find out that the True Ending is pure blue balls.

Imagine hearing this in what you think is the turning point for the story only to find out that it just ends there and fuck you, go figure out how the blue balls ending ties up with the whole story (it makes sense, it's just a really fucking lazy way to end the whole thing).
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Enough is enough.

It has been clear for a while that whoever maintains soup doesn't give a fuck anymore; constant "unexpected maintenance" (was there ever an expected one?), zero communication with the community, when something stops working it takes days - weeks even - to get a fix (which, if my guess is correct, is restarting one of the services that has crashed), not to mention lack of any new features (besides the NSFW button, which no one asked for). This sucks.

I won't quit right away, but starting today I will be far less active here. I have moved to Mastodon (link here) where I continue to do the same thing I did there, which is sharing whatever crap I manage to find on the internet. Mastodon has it's own set of problems - 500 character limit (which I guess they picked up from twitter), 4MB for images, 8MB for videos, the community is full of faggots, but it has two major advantages: a) it's not tumblr, b) IT FUCKING WORKS. It's also possible to make your own instance, which sure beats my approach of trying to recreate everything from scratch.

It's really a shame, since soup at it's very core is pretty great and I don't regret the time I've spend here (I believe I registered at the end of 2011), but even my patience has it's limits. The only thing I'm glad about in all of this is that I never gave any money to the site because I'd give it right before that crash which erased all posts from 2016 and beyond that paying for anything here has been pointless for the reasons outlined above.

Feel free to follow me on Mastodon if you want to stay in touch.

EDIT: okay, that whole Mastodon thing might not be that great after all. My account just stopped working all of the sudden and I'm getting "account not activated" when I try to log in. I've asked one of the admins what is happening, but I have to yet receive an answer.
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That was pretty damn good, it's a bootleg of Castlevania III but very well done. It's short (first playthrough took me 3 hours), but there are multiple endings depending on playstyle, so there's more fun to be had.
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Sasuga Soup-sama, that went far better than expected! 310 webms uploaded and only one (unrelated) crap out in the meantime
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I finally figured out how to automate video uploads in a way which doesn't force me to click through all of these videos manually. I still need some tests before I launch the solution, but I'd like to preemptively apologize if I end up killing this website by accident. 299 is probably not even the total count.

My solution will probably fail anyway because something is bound to crap out one way or another. Soup is as fickle as a cat and probably smells the same too.
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Rzeczy których nigdy nie zrobię a chciałbym #1:

Koncert BrandEEEEEEnburski.
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I just started playing this and it's pretty good
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That feeling when you - yet again - lose two days of work due to a bug in an external library and it's a bug caused by a regression
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Weaboos claim 2D girls are better than 3D girls, yet at the same time the same weaboos seem to be pretty fascinated by VR - a 3D technology, so it would seem that deep down these weebs actually yearn for that one missing dimension, despite claiming otherwise. Pretty funny how their thoughts betray them so openly and how their system of values doesn't really hold with VR in the picture, hell, it seems about as fake as the girls themselves.
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że kurwa co xD
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Labo will decompose in your lifetime
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Aaah, you were at my side, all along...
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They actually found de wey... to kill Doki Doki and Earth-chan memes. Despite initial skepticism I quite enjoy this outcome and my newfound EBOLA
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meme dead in 2 days
oh well, at least it was funny during this time
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I browsed the /r/LateStageCapitalism on reddit for a while today. 

General consensus:

Them: capitalism is bad because [here is an example of wealth unequality]
Me: okay, seems reasonable enough, this is a failure of-

What a leap. It's like recognizing that a patient has a tumor, refusing the operation then shooting the patient in the face to replace him with an another patient and pretend that this one doesn't have 10x tumors than the last one, then lock the patient's family in gulags because they didn't agree with your healthcare policies.
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So I finally watched Made in the Abyss. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't specatular either. Spoilers beware.

The first three episodes are painful to watch. You just sit there while the characters do stuff pretty much irrelevant to the plot and wonder when they will finally descend into the Abyss. Finally, they go there and... it's kind of a disappointment. 

There's this talk about different layers and how bizzare these are, but it doesn't seem to work that well, since most of them aren't that special and even when something out of the ordinary is happening the show doesn't captialize on it enough. The series could benefit from making the Abyss a truly teriffying place early on because it would make the further descend much more of a big deal. The Curse serves this purpose, but given the fact that people actually return from the Abyss and the story so far is about descending it's kind of hard to take seriously.

Maybe the issues I have stem from the fact that the show has really weird pacing. When the characters just talk about non-interesting stuff it goes on and on an on, but when they're traveling through the layers then holy shit they're fucking speedrunning this, WHAT A RUSH. Good thing they didn't discover wrong warping and parallel dimensions yet.

Even though I have issues with this series I will try the manga. The concept itself is interesting and the manga might have better pacing. 
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Haven't played this yet but looks interesting, saving it for later
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