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Her argument is self-defeating. Forcing her to give blood against her will is not ethical because of bodily autonomy - yet, if one is to respect the bodily autonomy then she still cannot proceed with an abortion because infringing on the bodily autonomy requires a consent. The requirement of a consent is big deal when it comes to dead bodies, yet in case of an unborn baby it's hand-waved and ignored, to which I can only ask how ethical is it to declare someone as "not a human" and use that reasoning to infringe the bodily autonomy of such a person? 
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Mnie się nie podobało przez czytanie pasty, strasznie mi to przeszkadzało bo a) pastę znam, b) jest to zwyczajnie niepotrzebne, to jest trochę tak jakby ktoś ci co chwilę mówił co ma się zaraz wydarzyć.
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The art style of this comic is awful but I had fun making this
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Checkmate, Flat Earthers!

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