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windows task manager
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Karygodne Krakoskie Memy
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Sites without google analytics, without addthis or doubleclick, without any microsoft or amazon based services in their DNS just plain sites. 
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Każdy post turbosłowian, każdy... 
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jaki kraj taki porunarefu
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So I learned of this great Japanese USB product. It’s a giant Enter key and it’s exactly what it looks like: Epic slamming of the Enter key. That is actually the product intent. That’s fantastic. 

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yuo like a little baby

watch this

I think this implements the "map" function, which takes a function and a list of values as parameters and then applies the function to the each parameter. The type signature (first line) suggests this as well as the actual usage (second line) but it has been 2 years since I last did any Haskell. I think that the third line is supposed to match all other combinations of parameters that aren't a pair of function and values and return an empty list (Haskell has pattern matching that looks for the best match for the given parameters if I remember correctly).
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