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The recent Linux Code of Conduct debate kinda illustrates this problem: it's trivial to fork the source code of Linux, however the most important thing - the community - cannot be forked. Another example is 8chan - if you think one of the popular boards sucks you can easily make your own one but the people most likely will not follow you (or worse, you will get spammed).
Assembling a new community might be troublesome even if you are permissive, for example see and voat where both marketed as "free speech alternatives" and both are overrun with borderline schizo rightwing retards.
I still think it's good to have the source code, at least with it I can try to re-create the existing exprience, even if I had to limit it somehow (I hosted something like this in the past and someone spammed me with CP, which makes me kinda reluctant to try again).

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