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>it gives the company a more human approach
Do people come to McD because they view the company as human or because they sell cheap fast food that's somewhat edible? I could understand the backlash against negativity, yet I'm having hard time believing that anyone will actually pick McD over other fast food places because they had a rainbow somewhere on the packaging. Hell, on the other hand you have people who are clearly pissed off by this apporach and PR which didn't handle things very well, as seen on the image. Is this kind of strategy a net gain for the company? Is it truly better than just staying neutral?

>And why would be insulting?
The medium is important and a piece of paper holding greasy fries is a poor one in my opinion, you eat the fries and then throw it away. One can easily see it as the metaphor for this kind of marketing.

>Expressing support is hard to be insulting no matter where it comes from
But what does "support" mean in this case? I haven't heard about homosexual people being unable to order at McD or having trouble getting employed here. What exactly is the "support" the LGBT people are receiving from McD, is this really anything more than an empty statement or a marketing ploy?
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