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Here is what helped me:
1. Fixing my sleep schedule - it's impossible to "regain" the lost sleep on the off days and sunlight in general is good for mental health
2. Watching out for dehydration - it makes me feel tired and irate
3. Cutting off soda almost completely - I drink water or juice instead
4. Putting in effort into kicking my bad habit of drinking beer every evening - this is still ongoing, but I'm making progress. At first I lowered the amount and I now substitute evening beer with tea or juice.
5. Limited off my exposure to news and stopped browsing politicially charged websites - I'll hear about the big stuff from other people anyway
6. Switching jobs - I didn't like my current one and it was a source of stress for me, this is big because you spend most of your active time on the job
7. Making stupid youtube crap or memes to take my mind off bad things and to enjoy the process of creating something, the best thing is that it's entirely up to me what I want to make and it doesn't have to be anything of value, some of the videos I liked making the most are below 100 views and that's okay

Also don't be afraid to seek out professional help if you feel something is wrong, that's what these people are for. 

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