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You're the first to pin blame on regular people and tell them that something needs to be done about the exploitation of Africa and then you come up with this weak shit as a solution? 
As a single individual you won't even come close to using up the same amount of oil in your entire lifetime than a big factory uses in a few months.
Big companies often buy from the local vendors as well, it saves them money on transport costs (this is why apple juice is cheaper than any other in this country). The only real argument from buying local is quality, as one can easily make an argument that the fertilizers, machines and weed killers can't exist without Africa being exploited. 
The power plant still produces the same amount of energy and planes still fly regardless of your participation.
I googled your proverb and Google Images shows me pictures of animals shitting and I can't help it but when I look at these images the only real thing that comes to my mind is the quality of the argument you made here. I can only end this post with a famous medieval Polish proverb (to end this on a high note) - "nie było żadnych ciastek więc kupiłem zaprawę murarską".
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