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So I finally watched Made in the Abyss. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't specatular either. Spoilers beware.

The first three episodes are painful to watch. You just sit there while the characters do stuff pretty much irrelevant to the plot and wonder when they will finally descend into the Abyss. Finally, they go there and... it's kind of a disappointment. 

There's this talk about different layers and how bizzare these are, but it doesn't seem to work that well, since most of them aren't that special and even when something out of the ordinary is happening the show doesn't captialize on it enough. The series could benefit from making the Abyss a truly teriffying place early on because it would make the further descend much more of a big deal. The Curse serves this purpose, but given the fact that people actually return from the Abyss and the story so far is about descending it's kind of hard to take seriously.

Maybe the issues I have stem from the fact that the show has really weird pacing. When the characters just talk about non-interesting stuff it goes on and on an on, but when they're traveling through the layers then holy shit they're fucking speedrunning this, WHAT A RUSH. Good thing they didn't discover wrong warping and parallel dimensions yet.

Even though I have issues with this series I will try the manga. The concept itself is interesting and the manga might have better pacing. 
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It's funny because 8ch has went from "kinda transparent" to "who knows what the fuck is happening".
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O panie
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