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It can be hard, but it's not that hard, at least for me.

I managed to finish the entire game on my 8th try with Assassin. Assassin is pretty good because his innate DEX gives you Damage, Crit Chance and Evasion, which means all you have to do is to stack VIT for the first half of the game then stack DEX for additional protection and you can get through most battles without any trouble. If you're lucky you can roll high dmg weapons by offering the Scrap Metal to Blacksmith or getting gifts from the Tavern. Both Tavern and Library are pretty good for powerleveling, I got half of my levels by reading books and selling beer. Armors, Shields and Charms should give you either VIT or high amounts of STR or DEX, unless you get one with really high DEF. WIS and INT are secondary and most of the gain is negligible since the "Reposition" skill in battle gives you a lot of MP for free while shielding you from most damage. Reposition also protects you from Charging/Dashing/Zooming and Windup attacks, as well as reduces "Exposed" status (and this one is important because you get a lot of damage when you're Exposed). Most battles are just spamming the combo, using ult (and Guardian on bosses) and sometimes setting up barrier and rarely Riposte/Grapple/Hit confirm (Charges are useless because of high miss chance).
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What irks me is not just the recent changes, but the constant effort put into making things worse over the years:

- G+ integration (fucking WHY)
- I used to be able to go to my profile from anywhere by clicking my avatar - I can't anymore, I can only go into account settings now
- Subscriptions aren't the focus on the landing page anymore
- A lot of features that made early Youtube great like video responses, subscribing to playlists, custom profile page etc. are gone

- Trending tab is shit, it shows the same videos for nearly every country, I refuse to believe that the entire fucking world is watching the same shit
- Monetization policy encourages creating garbage content and clickbaitng, causing a huge decline in quality. Because of this the Trending tab is full of Minecraft videos
- Related videos are ABYSMAL
   - I get videos from people I'm subscribed to (I already seen these because that's the fucking point of subscribing)
   - The other videos are often completely unrelated and shown there only because these got popular, I saw this - - while watching a video from the Hydraulic Press Channel. What the fuck?
   - I get videos that I uploaded (obviously, I've seen them already and it's not like other people see these recommendations anyway)
   - Often times there are 20 videos from maybe two or three people and one of them is the author of the video
   - I'm constantly being shown videos that I don't want to view just because I viewed some videos in the category and now Youtube thinks I like them - I often open shit in Incognito mode to avoid this behavior
   - I'm constantly being shown vidoes that I know are garbage and I don't want to even click them (this has been showing up on my Home page every time I launched Youtube. Going by the thumbnail alone I know I don't want to watch it. It finally went away when I clicked it and closed the window)
   - Categories are broken, on my Home page I get a "Meme" category (what is this garbage, I haven't even asked for this) and it's a video of just one guy that I'm subscribed to anyway
   - I haven't been suggested a small or rising channel in years, it's always guys with like a million subscribers and they all create cringy videos that are long yet devoid of any value
   - I don't fucking play Overwatch, STOP SUGGESTING ME OVERWATCH VIDEOS. I play Dota, and you're not suggesting me any Dota videos even though I'm subscribed to several channels that are focused exclusively on Dota. I'm afraid to even click these because then I might get even more of them.
   - Yes, I liked that one music video 5 years ago and I even watched it recently, but you don't have to show me videos from the same artist every single day
- If you get any kind of a copyright strike you're pretty much powerless even if it's not a valid claim because there's no one at Google to talk to

I probably could go on for much longer, but who cares lol
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rest in peperonii ;_;7 snare + blind is the worst combo
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YouTube has been on a Downward Spiral

A pretty good analysis on why Youtube used to be great and why does it sucks now. Start at 9m11s if you don't care about Youtube Poops
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Olenna 2
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wow, we can't even post gifs anymore

I really don't want to immigrate to tumblr ;_;
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pretty amusing how it's the first thing they ever condemned and vowed to fight against
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Why wouldn't they? It's not like they don't have access to Internet and haven't engaged in counter-culture before.
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Chimero-Hydro-Gęś... a weź spierdalaj, najpodlejsze plugastwo jakie mógł spłodzić ludzki umysł
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