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Hi, I tested the app for a bit and unfortunately I ran into a couple of issues. Tested on the release version 1.0.0 (electron app):
1. The app seems to hang up for me after downloading ~700 files from my soup. This seems to be pretty consistent.
2. There's no way to see what is actually happening (Is it downloading something? What is being downloaded at this point? Was there an error of some sorts? etc.).
3. There seems to be no option to resume the download - if the app hangs / crashes it has to start from the very beginning. My soup was created in 2012 so even if everything works without issues it will still take a lot of time to download everything and it would be nice to be able to start/stop the process at any point.
4. Does this app logs anything? If so, it is not clear where these logs are stored. These could be helpful in resolving problems or reporting bugs.
Suggestion: create an option that allows for gathering just the links to the images / videos (no downloading). It would be faster to go through the entire soup this way and then it would be possible to handle the download part separately (via wget for example).

Anyway - I appreciate the effort, especially since there's no other option available at this moment.
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