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O kurwa, rzeczywiście xD z tego co pamiętam to napisał że nie będzie mnie do niczego przekonywał i żebym spierdalał
EDIT: z friendsów też mnie wywalił, ale załapał wkurwa xD
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So you expect me to belive that this is true based on a caption from some twitter user?
You expect me to believe that no historican thought that this photo is cool as shit and verified that it is indeed what all these sites claim it is?
Do you have an actual proof that this photo is legitimate? Or is le gray meme man all you have?
Man, that's really a huge problem, who knows what will happen when all these policitally conscious people will start voting-

"Several states permanently disenfranchise convicted felons, and according to existing estimates, the population of disenfranchised felons is disproportionately male and African American."

"The estimates reveal that disenfranchisement has no discernible effect on state level rates of voter turnout."

"The absence of an effect is consistent with the view that on average felons belong to demographic groups that, although eligible to vote, infrequently exercise that right."

tl;dr: niggers doesn't give a shit about voting and this is known since 2004
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What e-mails with three exclamation marks feel like
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>right wins
>left reacts by inventing the Russian collusion narriative

>left wins
>right reacts by inventing the voter fraud narrative

no wonder you guys hate the horseshoe theory so much
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